About The Center

In 1915, the Texas Legislature passed House Bill 73 to create a facility for citizens with mental retardation. The initial capacity of the school was 65 residents, primarily female, but over the years it grew to house more than 2,000 residents, employ over 2,000 staff members, and include everything from a working dairy to a hospital on its 95 gently rolling acres in northwest Austin.

Today's Austin State Supported Living Center (formerly the Austin State School) provides a beautiful living environment and a wide range of individualized training and recreational programs. The Austin State Supported Living Center provides aid and support to individuals in order to increase their independence and improve their quality of life. Among the benefits received by people residing on the campus are comprehensive medical and psychiatric services, occupational therapies, speech and physical therapies, vocational training, life skills training, recreation, community inclusion (shopping, dining, recreation, sports, etc.) and much more.

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